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Rules! Goody.

1. You must have a website. Yes, this sounds like a no-brainer, but some people submit without a site. These people are dumb! If you are one of these people, quit it!

2. You must have the code up before you submit. Easy as that. It can be a graphic or a text code, I really don't care. No code=no listing. If you have submitted the form, and it's been about a week or two, and you're still not up, and your code is up, feel free to re-submit. I sometimes forget to add people. In that same vein, don't sumbit a million times. I won't put you up.

3. The code must be easy to find. I don't want to spend 15 minutes hunting it down. No putting it somewhere where it is password protected. Splash pages are good, but not required.

4. No hate anything sites. That would defeat the purpose of this clique.

5. Non-english sites are ok; I just need to be able to find the code easily.

6. I reserve the right not to put you up. I don't ever excersise this right, but if I want to, it's there. Just be nice and say please and thank you.

7. Don't alter the image of the code. You can tweak the html to make a border if you really want, or to make it open a new window, just no messing with the actual graphic.

8. You must upload the image onto your server. NO DIRECT LINKING! I mean it! I will change the code names just to screw it up. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

9. I also reserve the right to edit the rules at any time.

10. In the "anything else?" section, write equality for everyone, so I know you read the rules.